Inventory Management

Tracking inventories properly and managing them efficiently is a common need for enterprises. Customer demands that are increasing in number and diversity in current market conditions require working with high value inventories. Conventional inventory control is not sufficient to meet the requirements of production environments where competition and complexity are high and that vary by technology. Failure to manage inventory codes, number of which can reach to millions, failure to keep inventories accurately or to apply methods such as block tracking are among the major reasons for damages incurred by enterprises.

With Login ERP Inventory Management where management and production planning are interrelated, you can ensure that inventories are planned and controlled depending on production system and production schedules. You can achieve an effective management on inventories with sensitive 'best before' dates according to types of products and minimize product wastes. You can view decreases in inventory quantities and retrospective sales statistics instantly with detailed tracking and arrange your procurement and production operations with the right strategic planning. You can see the whole picture with inventory integration by allowing your stores and dealers to keep their own inventories. You can realize your inventories in the most productive manner based on accurate and infinite variations with smart code logic featured by Login ERP Inventory Management that supports opening an unlimited number of product stock codes, taking into account types of products and sipecific properties of products.