Login DV - Data Visualization

Thanks to Login DV, which was developed with the solution partnership of Login & Eduma, the data managed in Login ERP and / or Login HR software was made accessible from anywhere with an independent location and internet, on all devices and in all display tools with the desired reports. In addition, thanks to the RESTful API, a structure that can be easily integrated with existing web sites, e-Commerce, B2B and mobile applications is offered. Regardless of which language the virtual structures of these platforms are written in and which servers they are hosted on, data flow can be easily provided to the relevant structures. In addition to these competencies, it also has the ability to produce special solutions in a very short time thanks to modules that can be developed in line with customer demands such as field sales system and data collection from production.

API (Application Programming Interface)

With this structure, which was created with the ability to distribute to all software languages with RESTful API interfaces prepared with Microsoft .Net infrastructure, flexible access opportunity is provided to users in terms of both security, flexibility and accessibility.

Flexible Data Visualization with Dashboard Structures

Again, written with a .Net MVC infrastructure, the dashboard panel allows you to access all your data from any device with an internet connection with data visualization tools, data graphics and tables.


The RESTful API structure works with both database connection information to be connected, and end-to-end encrypted data sets in the data flow after the connection is established.

The request sent to the API side is encrypted from the moment it is obtained from the Login ERP and / or Login HR database, and transmitted in encrypted form until it is clicked on the display area. The encrypted data is read with the customer key and displayed on the screen. In this way, even in cases of intrusion, the data becomes unreadable and dysfunctional.