Login Mobile - Mobile Interface

The opportunity of sales representatives and product managers to work from the field and to connect to the headquarters while making face-to- face negotiations with customers and to check current price lists, customer’s current account status and risks and to place orders enables to accelerate the sales process and gives and important time advantage to the enterprise. However, while making extensive and complex transactions such as approval mechanisms on mobile devices, screen resolution should be adjusted according to the device and fast access to up-to- date information and information security should be guaranteed.

Login X-tra Mobile - Mobile Interface that allows access from any device connected to internet to Login Corporate Business Solutions at any place and at any time allows live data exchange with its seamless infrastructure and high speed and thus, instant tracking on the field and smooth process management. With Login X-tra Mobile - Mobile Interface that is adaptable to any screen resolution and theme and guarantees high data security, you can execute transactions such as approval processes, price list tracking, account and risk control etc. at any place and at any time and make a difference by keeping pace with the speed of era.