Procurement Management

Swiftness and accuracy are the most important factors for procurement operations. Information required for procurement system should be pre-defined in the form of information infrastructure and products should be procured from pre-defined vendors swiftly when the need arises. Materials procured by the procurement department from different companies should allow tracking with different codes and names in these companies. Thus, information such as vendor inventory code, vendor inventory description and lead time etc. that are specific to these companies should be defined in vendor/material relationship cards of procured materials. Executing all approval mechanisms over different systems for procurement processes, from the first phase, i.e. order placement, causes a burden on vendor and is insufficient for customer satisfaction.

Enabling procurement processes to be carried out along with all approval mechanisms from the start, i.e. order placement, Login ERP Procurement Management allows all processes to be handled in the most accurate and fast manner, requiring entry of every datum only once. You can ensure that all operations are resumed without any process interruption due to employee dismissals by means of system setup created by defining codes of ERP Procurement Management solution that offers an adaptable structure to any process and authorization. You can set up your procurement processes with comprehensive approval mechanism of Login ERP Procurement Management as you wish and ensure that your procurement approvals are given via smart phones and thus, save time.