Sales Management

Sales management is among the priority issues for companies. Prolonging sales process due to varying phases depending on the structure of companies from order placement to invoice issuing and even to after-sales services may cause distress to both companies and customers. It is important to ensure fast integration and control in sales processes that interact with different processes, including inventory and risk calculations.

With Login ERP Sales Management that covers all sales processes, you can manage all your sales transactions via web or desktop applications and integrate with all other processes that affect sales. With Login ERP Sales Management that allows you to complete your sales policies thoroughly, you can manage your sales operations in the field and dealer organization and take into account customer risk at the phase of order confirmation and consolidate different orders. With Login ERP Sales Management, you can take orders from your customers during face-to-face meetings and connect live to company's headquarters and check current price lists, current account status and risks of customer. With Login ERP Sales Management that offers a flexible structure that can be adapted to the needs of every customer, you can easily establish approval mechanisms that fit to your company. With Login ERP Sales Management that offers production planning from sales, sales from stocks, sales from field and accelerating sales process, you can increase customer satisfaction and achieve higher productivity and profit.