Shipment Planning

Although enterprises are engaged in productive production operations and produce the highest quality products that meet customer expectations, when they fail to deliver them in the right manner, their efforts may end up futile. They need to achieve error-free shipment to increase customer satisfaction and productive and correct shipment to increase their operating margin. Thus, it is important to make an effective and rational shipment planning and track the condition of transported goods at every stage.

You can cut down your high transport costs with Login ERP Shipment Planning that has been offering a unique and rational shipment planning in the industry since 2005 and ensure that your shipment is delivered on time with detailed shipment follow-up. Thanks to Login ERP Shipment Planning that makes it possible to plan and trace optimum shipment planning with smart code logic, shipment to multiple points may be planned on the same route according to type of product to be transported, quantity and place of delivery and you can improve shipment performance substantially. You can reach your ultimate goals in a profitable and productive manner by planning automatically the loading operation according to priority of product properties and shipment points that are especially important in bulky product shipment.