Supplier Portal

Supplier management directly affects business processes as an important juncture between a number of different areas from finance and production to procurement and sales. Failure to offer supply chain traceability may affect all operations negatively, including especially inventory and shipment and may result in substantial losses. With Login ERP Supplier Portal that enables a strong integration between the enterprise and suppliers, you can make the right production, inventory, shipment and financial planning. You can carry out your production, sales and procurement processes in an optimum way by getting simultaneous information about production and product changes and meet customer expectations at the highest level. You can accelerate your decision-making processes by incorporating your suppliers into the strong and efficient system of your enterprise. You can ensure in the scope of your definite agreements with your suppliers that your suppliers can view orders from their screens and deliver them on time and thus, you can speed up operations and increase productivity.

With Login ERP Supplier Portal that allows storing products under agreements by means of supplier and inventory integration and procuring products directly from suppliers, you can cut down your inventory costs, decrease approval mechanisms, speed up your order and sale processes and save time.