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Management of financial processes requires keeping under control and tracking a high number of components and complex structures. Functionality, speed, practicality and adaptation to the needs are the primary needs in financial management that involves many steps such as keeping previous and existing data, managing budget and investments and offering real-time reports in order to protect your company against potential risks and future strategic plans.

Our financial solutions that enable you to make future planning, along with compliance with legislation, instead of simply keeping transaction records reduce the workload in your finance departments and offer flexible solutions for your enterprise by allowing necessary transactions to be completed smoothly.  

You can get all answers that you need in financial processes with Accounting and Current Account Management that allows you to track transactions that are automatically recognized from all Login solutions thanks to user-friendly interface and to report current accounts easily, e-Book and e-Invoice Management that eliminates integrator costs with e-Book and e-Invoice integration approved by Presidency of Revenue Administration, Bank Transfer System that is developed to accelerate data inputs in enterprises where accounting transactions are more dynamic, Budget Control that helps you to achieve success by allowing you to keep your budget under control and keep unpleasant surprises away, Check and Bond Management that allows you to track all processes related to checks and bonds over the system and prevent your negotiable instruments from creating a risk to your enterprise, Fixed Asset Management that enable you to make all records of your fixtures over the system and create accounting records automatically, Expense Management that saves you time by allowing your team members to enter their expenses via web interface, which would otherwise be spent for this transaction, and Standard and Actual Cost Management that is a big help in making the right decisions based on stronger data and in viewing dynamically your profitability by means of automatic costing system, all of which are offered in the scope of Login finance solutions.

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