ERP Software for Food Industry

Food industry is undergoing a radical transformation with changes such as tendency toward contracted agriculture, technological advancements, company mergers/fusions, new marketing techniques and development of industrial organization in recent years. In parallel with innovations brought by these transformations, shortages in raw material supplies that are of high quality, constant, adequate and at affordable prices, problems related to food safety in primary production (vegetative production and animal production) and challenges such as unhealthy raw material statistics are basic problems faced by the food industry as a whole.

It is vital for the food industry to manage multi-phase and comprehensive business processes from inventory to delivery due to the obligation to comply with best before dates of food products. Not only should all processes be managed with a robust infrastructure but also sales and order processes should be carried out on mobile platform in order to achieve a sustainable success in food industry where competition is very high and prices can change instantly. It is highly unlikely for companies engaged in food industry to carry out all these time-dependent and complex business processes without support of ERP software.

We successfully integrated numerous applications that are customized to our customers into Login ERP over the years based on our collaboration with many companies engaged in the food industry and we continue to develop customized solutions based on our expertise acquired in this field. We enable our customers in the food industry to control and manage meticulously their processes in connection with best before dates, raw materials and product lots, recalls, costing, storage and location utilization, packaging material planning, by-products and idle and waste products.

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Our solutions that enable our customers operating in the food industry to make a difference and stand out in the competition.

  • Login Production Solutions that allow creating product trees, planning job orders and tracking products in a fast and easy and smooth manner
  • Login Finance Solutions that enable to retrieve consolidated reports and manage all financial processes over a single system
  • Login Supply Solutions that allow sales, procurement, stock, import and export management to be carried out in an integrated manner over a single system
  • Login Mobile Sales Module that allows making face-to-face negotiations with customers and taking their orders, connecting to company’s headquarters and checking current price lists and customer’s current account status and risk


We understand you and offer the solution to you:

Login Corporate Business Solutions

Do best before dates make stock management more difficult?

Do you have to use multiple systems due to complex business processes?

Do you need to access to your systems from the field/site?

Does accurate use and tracking of raw materials substantially affect your profitability?


With Login Corporate Business Solutions, you can manage your financial processes smoothly and easily and take efficient and fast action in your order processes. You can shorten your sales process with discount and price lists and thus, increase customer satisfaction and productivity and achieve sustainable profitability.

You can push up profits and productivity ‘with a single system’ that guides you according to best before dates and food industry regulations and allows smooth management of sales and procurement processes and enables everyone to access information of his field easily and swiftly.


You win!

Stock management and easy tracking with logs that is important for food industry

Keeping accurate lot information depending on best before dates

Error-free, efficient and sector-specific order, sales, shipment and finance tracking