ERP Software for Furniture Industry

Consumption patterns and preferences of consumers whose welfare level has increased have substantially changed in time. Consumers are no longer contented with standard products and services and are looking for tailored products.  The majority of consumers prefer to buy designs that reflect their tastes especially when it comes to furniture.

However, it is not that easy to meet special demands completely and on time or to manage this process that is affected by a high number of components. Infrastructure and systems that are suitable for mass production are insufficient for meeting this process. This makes solutions that are specialized in their field and fit to the job’s nature and the desired flexibility a necessity.

With Login Corporate Business Solutions, we offer a proper infrastructure that can satisfy the needs to our customers who intend to develop products in the furniture industry that are tailored to orders, fashion and needs that change in time. We enable them to overcome obstacles arising from product structures that depend on numerous variants and to create their product trees speedily and easily without unnecessary extra workload. We help them to access to up-to-date information in their franchises or dealers and satisfy the condition to deliver their products accurately and on time. We allow you to keep production processes under full control and speed up your proceses from material supply to cost calculations.

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Our solutions that enable our customers operating in the furniture industry to make a difference and stand out in the competition.

  • Login ERP Product Configurator that we developed based on our professional experience and is the prefect solution for the problem of creating product trees resulting from product diversity in the industry
  • Login Production Tracking and Login Quality Control that is effective for increasing the quality of products and creating well-branded and certified products
  • Login Dealer and Franchise Portal that allows dealers and branches to access to up-to-date information via web and to be involved in processes without extra investment load


We understand you and offer the solution to you:

Login Corporate Business Solutions

Do you make tailored production or assembly in your company?

Do your products include many different components?

Are there mistakes in prices and delivery dates that you give to your customers?


With Login Corporate Business Solutions, you can make tailored production for your customers, manage all your business processes effectively and easily achieve tailored product design simply with a few clicks.

You can view actual costs at the time of order placement by taking into account extra labour costs (if any) while you are determining changeable properties of products.  Depending on the status of your stocks and workshop, you can check whether products have been manufactured and give your customers more accurate prices and delivery dates. While getting prepared for bulk sales or tenders where tailored products are involved, you can perform detailed cost analyses, manufacturability controls, bid preparation and revisions in a short time.

With our solution in ERP system that runs based on the logic of a drawing program without a viewer, you can choose your variants and components from among many options to form a product and create a product tree that is unique for each product rapidly and easily. You can transfer this product tree to production planning, plan material requirements as well as machinery capacity for the operation. You can make shipment in the optimum conditions after production, complete invoice and dispatch note processes and offer after-sales services. You can foresee problems by keeping records of all products and services and develop solutions fort hem.


You win!

Spending less labour for creating product trees

Better material tracking

Informing dealer channel hastily about all changes in product components