ERP Software for Government Sector

Offering citizen-oriented modern services in the government  sector and executing processes that are specific to the government sector in an efficient, effective, accountable, transparent and economic manner are the main pillars for contributions of government organizations to national economy. Performance measurement and management in the government industry that is the focal point in line with new global understanding in government management is also on the government agenda in Turkey. Continuous performance development is the target for government organization employees in the scope of applications at personnel and organizational level and it is becoming ever more important for government industry for this purpose to improve and develop planning, measurement, guidance, education and control processes in harmony with other service processes.

With Login Corporate Business Solutions, we support the performance management in the government sector in a regular and healthy structure and the increase in speed and efficiency with the analysis of processes that are specific to government organization and the development of proper solutions and reports. We ensure that data that gradually pile up in organizations that serve to the government , which are kept under record in gradually increasing and different infrastructures can be associated with each other without any problem. We offer services that involve direct and instant intervention in problems without need for any intermediary for the smooth implementation of government services.


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Our solutions that enable our customers operating in the government sector to make a difference and stand out in the competition.

  • Login Education and Performance Management that allows managing performance of all personnel and making education planning from a single centre via education and performance web portal
  • Login Transfer and Promotion Management that enables personnel transfer and promotion transactions to be carried out from an integrated system by monitoring changes in the past
  • Login Customized Solutions developed in line with analyses that are customized to corporate processes


We understand you and offer the solution to you:

Login Corporate Business Solutions

Does your company need to offer uninterrupted services?

Do you want to work with specialists who enable instant intervention in problems without intermediary?

Is it important to manage personnel performance?


With Login Corporate Business Solutions, you can integrate infrastructure required by your company with your existing systems and improve your processes to offer fast and transparent services.

You can create your reports in a fast and hassle-free manner in order to submit accurate information at the required time. You can get support from Login directly and instantly in order to offer uninterrupted services.

You can manage your valuable human resources in the most efficient manner by providing the necessary infrastructure for performance management.


You win!

Fast processes

Direct support and intervention


Effective data management and sharing

Measurement and management of developed performance