Human Oriented Management

One of the most important assets of enterprises is their human resources. Management of human resources that involves a great number of reports, huge amounts of data and many complex business processes is responsible for increasing corporate success by enabling human resources to be managed effectively and efficiently. It is of paramount significance for large enterprises comprising of multiple branches to ensure human resources management in different departments and apply integrated human resources policies. It is also necessary to make customized branch definitions and set rules within the company on the basis of Social Security Institution (SGK) Registration Number in multiple structures and to achieve compliance with legislation as well as fast adaption to new practices and changing rules.

Login Software offers a variety of basic applications that are integrated to each other and designed for companies to manage their human resources effectively and efficiently with human resources solutions and provides a structure that can be expanded along with your company starting from a small system thanks to its modular structure.

In this context, Login offers Company Organization and Personnel Management that enables handling department hierarchies and personnel information from a hub with different organizational charts in enterprises with multiple branches, Payroll Management that allows you to prepare payrolls at any number and in any format for any period, to send them collectively or view them via the web portal, Leave Management that allows you to track leave requests made via web and approved leave requests easily and save you time by getting tallies, Transfer and Promotion Management that allows you to carry out transfer and promotion procedures of your personnel from integrated system and to view all past changes, PDKS and Shift Management that integrates PDKS data to the system with dynamic tally controls and creates automatic payrolls, Debit Management that makes it possible to track physical assets allocated to your personnel over the system and decreases problems faced in terms of asset tracking, Job Applications Management that collects in a pool all job applications tracked over the system and all data of recruitment processes and Training and Performance Management that gives you the opportunity to manage performance of the entire team from a hub and make training planning based on a system to be established over the training and performance web portal. It is also possible with Web Business Suite and Web HR Studio interfaces to access to all modules that you may need from any place around the world via your web browser!

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