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Hybrid Manufacturer Companies face complex processes of both make-to-stock and make-to-order production processes. In case of make-to-stock production, production is generally made with standard definitions and fewer types of product and bigger production lots whereas in case of make-to-order production, production should conform to the impacts of a variety of standards, types, definitions and market trends. However, in case of make-to-stock method, the change in product definitions depends on market trends whereas in case of make-to-order method, this change varies completely by individual needs. Hybrid companies that use make-to-stock and make-to-order methods need solutions that enable them to manage different processes simultaneously.

With Login Corporate Business Solutions, you can meet the expectations of your customers in the optimum manner. With our Login ERP Product Configurator product, you can create a product tree instantly for every order instead of keeping a product tree and inventory for each alternative.  Your customers can view products that they want to buy in 3D and make modifications on virtual environment and thus, it is enabled to create the right order and thus, the right product list at the right phase. By this means, you can increase your customer satisfaction, make a swift transition from order to production and deliver products with the desired characteristics on time. With Login Corporate Business Solutions that allow you to manage your inventory comprehensively in integration with other processes, you can cut down your inventory costs and turn your pending inventories into profit.

You can make savings from capital, storage costs and overhead expenses that would otherwise be allocated to inventory by managing your stocks properly and in infinite variations.

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