ERP Software for Import Industry

Calculating different customs data tariffs in the import of various products for import and customs industries that are different from other industries which execute different regulations involve complex processes that cover compliance with all valid legislation such as anti-damping in these calculations. Proper implementation of Additional Customs Duty (IGV) in case of certain products that are stipulated by Ministry of Customs and Trade is also one of the challenges of this industry. Import companies have to struggle with long transactions and wide range of products as well as different calculations for cost calculation after payments to customs companies.  Customs taxation is important since it varies by product prices, while cost calculation is important for profitability and sustainability of companies in this industry.

With Login Corporate Business Solutions, we help our customers in import and customs industry to make their tax calculations for any product without error. Thus, we prevent our customers from facing legal risks and allow them to avoid unnecessary costs because of miscalculations. Since product range imported by our customers in the industry can vary to a great extent, we are aware that standard systems can be inadequate and thus, develop customized projects for our customers and update constantly our solutions according to amended legislation. We enable our customers engaged in import industry to get a significant competitive advantage with cost calculation on product basis.

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Our solutions that enable our customers operating in the import and customs industry to make a difference and stand out in the competition.  

  • Login Integrated ERP for exhaustive management of all import processes and actual cost calculation
  • Login Import Module that enables all import transactions to be tracked and kept under record
  • Login Procurement Module that runs in integration with import module and enables the control of every phase of open procurement orders
  • Login Cost Accounting for cost calculations on product basis in consideration of tax rates that vary by highly unsteady product prices


We understand you and offer the solution to you:

Login Corporate Business Solutions

Are you seeking ways for cost calculation on product basis in import processes and customs taxes?

Do you have difficulty in managing import processes of highly diversified products?

Will automatic calculation of price factors stipulated by laws, VATs and legislation that are applicable to customs facilitate your business processes during calculation processes?


With Login Corporate Business Solutions, you can track your import transactions on file  basis, calculate your costs on loading and weighing basis and determine net cost of every product in consideration of GTİP and country group tariffs in cost distribution. You can track payment balances to foreign suppliers, ensure integration of current account and accounting records of transactions and reflect transfer costs such as exchange differences to product costs.


With Login Corporate Business Solutions, you can calculate customs costs of a single product instead of calculating standards customs cost and stand out in the competition with profitability account on product basis.

You can manage all of your import processes in full and in the most efficient manner with customized solutions developed in order to meet your specific needs.


You win!

Standing out in the competition with cost calculation on product basis

Net sales prices

Planning and managing all import processes completely

An integrated structure to all legislations