A Modular System that Can Grow with You at Any Time

Micro and small businesses need systems that meet the scale and budget of their businesses, as well as the requirements to keep their financial accounts, accounting and invoices secure. On the other hand, new micro and small enterprises are faced with the extra cost burden by having to establish new systems to expand their software infrastructures as they realize their growth targets and expand their businesses.

Login ERP Enterprise Resource Planning enables flexible and accurate solutions to provide immediate control over the entire resource structure and paves the way for making the right decisions at the right times. With Login ERP Lite, you can manage your financial and accounting processes, stock tracking, sales and purchasing operations in an economical and practical way in your small or small scale enterprises, regardless of the sector. And as your business grows, you don't need a new software infrastructure. Login ERP Lite adapts to your development and grows with you. This way your past information and data will never be lost.