Customer Relations Management

Customers are the most important factor for enterprises to achieve sustainable earnings. The most important factors that affect buying decisions of customers are the fulfillment of the promise made by the company in return for the price that customers pay, i.e. getting their orders completely and on time, and seeing that proper replies are made to their demands and complaints. Creating separate information channels such as order recording, inventory, dispatch note, invoice etc. and using complex Excel files or software pieces will most likely result in customer loss in areas where demands and expectations are varied and competition is high. On the other hand, it is important for companies to make evaluations and statistical analyses about their customers in order to define clearly their path and direction. Login ERP Customer Relations Management (CRM) allows you to meet demands and expectations of your customers completely.

With Login ERP Customer Relations Management, you can track all information about customer relations management on the system and turn increasing customer satisfaction into profit. With Login ERP Customer Relations Management that enables to make evaluations and statistical analyses about vendors and customers and product profitability calculations on customer basis, you can configure customer data on different access levels, track basic information in customer agreements and retrieve monthly product sales lists on customer basis. You can enhance your communication with customers based on document sharing and secure web interactions, develop your business processes with automatic direction, notifications, approvals and escalation structures and increase your response time to customers. You can move your company and customers forward in integration with Login ERP Customer Relations Management by managing all processes such as accounting, finance, HR, logistics over a single system.