Import and Export Management

Problems faced during import and export management that has different practices require special solutions. Calculation of customs duty rates, ensuring that these calculations are in compliance with all applicable legislations such as anti-damping and carrying out applications without error such as those required by Ministry of Customs and Trade are among the difficulties faced by this industry. Cost calculation on product basis since customs taxation varies by product prices directly affects profitability and sustainability in import and export companies. It is important to achieve swift order processing, make shipments without error and submit necessary reports to abroad on time.

With Login Import and Export Management that allows you to manage all of your import and export processes completely and calculate your actual costs without error, you can determine net cost of every product by taking into account HS Code and country group tariffs in cost distribution. With Login Import and Export Management that works in integration with Login Procurement, Login Accounting and Current and Login Stock Management solutions, you can track all phases of your import and export operations and costs in every phase. With Login Import and Export Management that allows you to track your accounting and current records as well as payment balances of transactions, you can reflect transfer expenses such as exchange differences to product costs.