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Human resources and Human Resources Departments conducting management of such resources stand out as the main vein of companies in all sectors and of all scales. Keeping effectively under control many sub-components such as effective management of proper manpower, management of data accumulated in human resources departments, intra-company assessment, recruitment, training, remuneration and leave management are critical for reaching successful results.

Login HR Human Resources Management enables effective management of staff with the required qualifications at the required time and helps HR departments to effectively perform the mission of ‘intermediary’ which is important for their company to achieve the strategic objectives. Login HR offers many basic applications integrated with each other for effective workforce planning and for feeding all other processes with accurate information, and with its modular structure, it allows a structure that starts from a small system and can grow with your company.

With its parametric and adaptable interface, Login HR allows installation of the most complex human resources models and facilitates restructuring in line with changing needs. By offering numerous official or statistical reports and monitoring screens, it allows the management departments to operate more efficiently with a rich information system. In large companies which consist of more than one branch within the company organization, it supports easy implementation of integrated human resources policies.

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