Applications Independent from Time and Place

Login Corporate Business Solutions, which are designed fully with local resources in accordance with the conditions of country and sectors, continue to improve unconditionally, according to today's changing and evolving needs. With its open structure enabling the transfer of information by wireless handheld terminal (bar code) applications, web interfaces and other software, it offers applications independent from time and place. Such a structure formed by the knowledge accumulation of years provides the tools needed to manage all business processes in the most efficient manner, with arrangements to the needs of our customers.

The web interface, mobile interface, hand-held terminal interface, business intelligence and service management solutions within the scope of Login X-tra Integrated Additional Solutions can be integrated seamlessly into the other modules of Login Corporate Business Solutions, so all solutions can work together.

With the tools offered under Login X-tra Integrated Additional Solutions which are developed with a focus on speeding up and providing information security, our customers can perform all operations quickly and safely, regardless of location, follow the procurement and approval processes and achieve an effective data analysis.

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