ERP Software for Machinery Industry

It is becoming important to track and control costs for profitability while meeting complex customer demands in the machinery industry. All processes from design and engineering to implementation and after-sales service should be handled all together in order to keep costs at the minimum and customer satisfaction at the highest level.  Even minutes matter in proposal preparation phase, which is one of the long and laborious phases. The most important criteria for obtaining sustainable profitability in machinery industry are giving customers proper deadlines in the proposal process and calculating possible deviations from delivery dates determined for available orders.

With our Login Corporate Solutions, we enable our customers in the machinery industry to track when, by which manufacturer and in which departments hundreds of semi-finished products that are used in machinery are manufactured and when and under which terms those procured from suppliers are procured. We make it easier for our customers in this industry where thousands of material movements occur throughout the day to achieve success with comprehensive traceability at this level since they can track materials on lot basis

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Our solutions that enable our customers operating in the machinery industry to make a difference and stand out in the competition.

  • Login ERP Product Configurator that we developed based on our professional experience and is the prefect solution for the problem of creating product trees resulting from product diversity in the industry
  • Login Cost Accounting for calculating actual costs fast and accurately in consideration of raw material, energy and logistics costs
  • Login Stock Management that allows real-time and hassle-free system entries of all transactions in warehouses
  • Login HR that enables proper labour management


We understand you and offer the solution to you:

Login Corporate Business Solutions

Do you use make-to-order method in your company?

Do you waste your time to set forth existing order, stock and production status in your proposal process?

Does tracking thousands of material transactions cause a huge operational load?



With Login Corporate Business Solutions, you can manage your stocks in detail, track each procurement transaction at home or from abroad on “lot” basis and thus, ensure traceability of products.

You can create automatically dynamic product trees where variants are expressed in formula according to variable values determined at the time of order placement without creating a separate static product tree for each product.  You can handle your operations conveniently without creating product trees, the number of which can reach to millions, by using approximately 300 dynamic product trees. You can make all of your processes from sales and order to production phase very fast and hassle-free.

You can enter all transactions such as goods acceptances, transfers and shipments in real-time and hassle-free to the system by means of shelf addressing, barcode tracking, radio frequency (RF) handheld terminals in your warehouses.

You can know actual costs of products that you manufacture and sell completely and on time, keep your sale price lists up-to-date, prepare fast and hassle-free proposals and thus, achieve sustainable profitability.


You win!

Fast and hassle-free proposal process

Accurate and timely tracking of thousands of materials

Spending less labour and time for creating product trees