Minimum Inventory, Maximum Customer Satisfaction

Each project is realized with the discovery and implementation of customer-tailored designs, without depending on a specific draft in make-to-order companies. However, make-to-order companies have difficulties in achieving the right amount of product orders with the right materials, accurate costing during production process and implementing changes made during the production process. Many make-to-order enterprises need flexible and strong systems to overcome problems they face and make their production in an efficient and profitable structure.

With Login Corporate Business Solutions, you can find the optimum answer to your specific needs related to make-to-order production as well as your standard operational problems and get an efficient and profitable structure for your productions. With Login Corporate Business Solutions, you can meet your customer-specific needs in every order, estimate your costs accurately and set the right sales prices that will result in your profitability. You can make proper planning from the moment of order placement and track planned and actual costs and trace the results throughout all processes. With Login Corporate Business Solutions, you can make better proposals to your customers, compare estimated costs with actual costs in sales orders and come up with a complete operational plan.


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