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It is critical for manufacturing companies to make configurations in infinite variations in different types of activities. A high number of new product entries, new orders, new productions and new dispatches, combined with processes that compete against time, result in problems for manufacturing companies with their structures that are open to complexities and drawbacks encountered during these processes negatively affect customer preferences. Production solutions under Login Corporate Business Solutions, which guarantee control in every phase from sale order placement to product delivery to customer, bring considerable advantages thanks to solutions customized to different types of activities.

With Login production solutions, you can achieve continuous profitability, fulfil your commitments to your customers to the full extent and get increased productivity in all production processes by making production at costs below the market price.

You can achieve extensive control on your production processes and increase your speed and profitability with the following solutions, i.e. Product Trees and Route Management that allows you to define your manufacturing operations and product trees in the system and get rid of extra workload in every new production planning, Production Tracking that allows you to keep your production under control by means of job orders and to work more efficiently every day based on reports to be retrieved from the system, Capacity Planning that helps you to check your operations on the system and achieve success with accurate data when you make productivity and capacity planning, Material Requirements Planning that realizes your material requirements planning over the system and enables you to save time by creating your production and procurement orders with a simple click, Toll Production Management that allows you to track toll production over the system and make production without losing the control of external transactions, Product Configurator that makes it possible to manage millions of variations easily from a single inventory card by means of dynamic product trees, which can be used like patterns, Maintenance and Production Management that tracks maintenance and repair of machinery in your enterprise over the system and prevents possible production failures and Kiosk Integration that enables devices used for data collection from production line to be incorporated to the system and thus, saves the time, which would otherwise be spent to data entries, for the system, all of which are offered by Login under customizable production management solutions.

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