Product Configurator

It is now more important than ever to meet special customer demands in full, on time, at the right place and in the right manner in enterprises that offer designs and productions that conform to the expectations instead of offering standard products and services to customers whose consumption patterns, values and benefit concepts change depending on their welfare levels. However, it is not easy to meet these expectations in infrastructures and systems that are created for mass production. Since products continuously change along with hundreds of product types and variations in these enterprises, it is necessary to eliminate waste of labor and time in product configurations made with standard systems, production delays and defective production and thus, increase profitability.

With Login ERP Product Configurator that is developed to meet this requirement in the best manner as a result of long R&D activities, you can make tailored product designs and process orders instantly and easily as well as productions without any need to save millions of static product codes and product trees in the system with dynamic creation of the product tree to be produced for such product. With Login ERP Product Configurator that operates in integration with production, stock, sales and cost processes under Login ERP, you can choose customizable product features and view instantly actual costs at the moment of order in consideration of all factors, including extra labor. You can view the status of your stocks and workshops and check whether the required production has been made and give your customer factual prices and delivery dates. You can deliver products that fully meet all expectations of your customers on time, accurately and fully and stand out in the competition.