Quality Control

Quality control that is an inseperable part of production process is important to determine the reasons for any performance change in products that exhibit different performance than it was intended. Cutting down costs by keeping accurate quality control records in enterprises and evaluating them in the right manner is important to make production at formal quality standards and ensuring legal compliance. With Login ERP Quality Control that enables you to record and analyze lost, illegal and defective production based on quality control in the last phase of production, you can take proactive measures to prevent quality problems and manufacture branded certified and high quality products.

With Login ERP Quality Control that ensures inventory management integration, you can perform quality control operations on inventory lots, record control results in inventory lot details and track quality control levels of your inventories. With Login ERP Quality Control that enables you to monitor performances of vendor and sub-industrialist in terms of price, shipment and quality under ISO 9000 Quality Standards, you can increase levels of relevant companies based on all recorded data. You can carry out quality controls and quality assurance process without waste of time before production is completed on the production line by means of integration between Login ERP Production Tracking and Login ERP Quality Control solution. Thus, you can save time and increase productivity and stand out in the competition with high quality products.