Spect Management

Today, while consumption patterns are changing; The interest in standard services and products is decreasing, and the demand for custom-made products is increasing. At this point, it is necessary to work with systems that will reduce the risk of error to zero in order to meet the customer demand completely, accurately and on time.

Developed to solve this need in the best way possible as a result of long R&D studies, Login SM Spect Management is a system solution that can effectively manage all planning processes of companies that make customer-specific production. In this structure, the product/stock and product tree are automatically created according to the customer's technical specification expectations or requests based on the product group.

With Login SM Spect Management, you can realize the special product design requested by the customers at the time of request/order, even over variables that you cannot define beforehand. In addition, you can have the answers given to the spec questions automatically filled in with one click, or you can fill in the answers to one and/or more questions with the answers to the other questions.

Login SM Spect Management is the solution that many companies in the industry are looking for in order to save time and provide complete information.