ERP Software for Marine Transport Industry

Marine transport that allows huge amounts of loads that constitute especially industrial raw materials to be transported in lump is the most preferred mode of transport due to its reliability, loss of property at minimum level and being a method that pollutes the environment at the least. Marine transport, which consumes less energy per passenger-km and ton-km, results in transport costs that are 14 times less than airline transport, 7 times less than road transport and 3.5 times less than railway transport.

While the options before corporations that serve in marine transport increase as national boundaries are eliminated and the world is gradually becoming a single market, differences in expectations also decrease. Therefore, the ability to offer tailored services, meeting general customer expectations, has a direct impact on the success of marine transport industry.

With our Login Corporate Business Solutions that enable companies engaged in marine transport industry to perform at a higher level than their expectations

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Our solutions that enable our customers operating in the marine transport industry to make a difference and stand out in the competition.

  • Login Integrated HR that allows companies that gradually grow in the industry to manage their HR-related processes effectively,
  • Login Budget Management that allows incomes and expenses to be tracked and ensures automatic control by comparison between all pre-defined income and expense items,
  • Login Web Business Suite that allows both customers and companies to control and track containers via web and thus, gives them competitive advantage


We understand you and offer the solution to you:

Login Corporate Business Solutions

Do you want income-expense tracking and comparison to be achieved faster and easier?

Is it important for you to reduce workload on personnel and manage your HR resources in the optimum way?

Do you need to enable that your transactions are managed online both by you and your customers?

Most importantly, are you looking for a system that is customized to your structure?   




With Login Corporate Business Solutions, you can automate your complex financial management processes in marine transport industry and make necessary controls to minimize errors.

You can carry out all of your transactions without extra labor and inflict the workload that would otherwise be assumed by a number of people on a single system.

We promise you to develop the system that suits your needs in the shortest time. You can make all your payments to ship owners, ports or the state through a single system in the scope of our customized solutions and enable the concerned parties to track receivables-payables information on their own.

You can control income-expense items, the number of which can reach to thousands, through a single system with possible variations.

Thus, you can make substantial savings in human resources and time management.

You win!

Considerable time, HR and workload savings

Error-free tracking and supervision controls

Flexible tracking of income-expense structure