ERP Software for Medical Industry

Healthy management of procurement processes plays a key role in the success of companies that are engaged in the medical industry.  There is a growing need for systems that will facilitate operations of finance department such as proper management of incomes and expenses without loss or incorporation of transactions and expenses incurred by field and corporate sales representatives into the system.

With Login Corporate Business Solutions, we help our customers in the medical industry to make their raw material planning and consumption more effective, to ensure the control of mixed material stocks, increase inter-department cooperation, to manage after-sales service processes and storehouses at different locations and keep error-free product records. We reduce work load of finance departments of our customers in the medical industry by means of automatic online data entries and approval system.

We assit you in making senstive planning in multiple phases from after-sales services that provide high customer satisfaction to high traceability and completing your operations without deficiency.

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Our solutions that enable our customers operating in the medical industry to make a difference and stand out in the competition.

  • Web-Based Login Expenses Management that enables field sales representatives to inform the head office about their expenses
  • Login Material Requirements Planning that allows planning and consuming raw material resources efficiently
  • Login Stock Management that allows real-time and hassle-free system entries of all transactions in warehouses
  • Login Sales Management that allows all sales processes  to be managed via web and desktop applications and integration with all modules that will affect sales
  • Login Service Management that can measure performance and customer satisfaction and accelerate after-sales support process
  • Login Finance Solutions that enable to retrieve consolidated reports and manage all financial processes over a single system


We understand you and offer the solution to you:

Login Corporate Business Solutions

Do you incur losses since you cannot manage your incomes and expenses properly?

Is the work load on your finance departments too much?

Do you fail to manage the control of mixed material stocks?

Are there setbacks in after-sales service processes?  


You can make your sales processes more efficient and faster with Login Corporate Business Solutions. You can ensure that your sales representatives transmit information about their processes instantly and accurately to the head office, they get fast approvals, achieve efficiency in all processes thanks to integration with other processes and get rid of unnecessary workloads.

You can get expense reports on the basis of department, personnel, brand, main expense-sub-expense groups and keep your products that have sensitivities such as expiration date under control by means of effective warehouse and stock management.


You win!

Effective income-expense planning

After-sales processes that ensure high customer satisfaction

Effective stock management

Inter-department cooperation

High traceability in production and distribution processes