ERP Software for Packaging Industry

Packaging industry, one of the major players of Turkish export market, is one of the rare industries that do not give foreign trade deficit in Turkey with export operations to 180 countries. Packaging industry that has a considerable share in export targets set for 2023 and wants to continue its steady growth has a great potential in this regard. However, when total export and import figures of packaging industry are evaluated, the noteworthy deficit in intermediate goods, high competition arising from market penetration of a high number of companies, challenges concerning amendments and execution of export-related regulations and appointment of personnel who are not competent in terms of packaging approval, test and inspection phases point toward a software infrastructure that will operate perfectly for packaging companies.

Flexibility and speed are crucial factors for packaging industry that offers product protector to almost all industries from A to Z. Financial processes should be managed very sensitively depending on extensive variants in production that is made at different sizes and with different features such as food packages, medicament packages, cleaning agent packages and white ware packages etc. With Login Corporate Business Solutions that offer flexibility, speed and efficient processes, we support our customers as they need who want to be competitive in line with the balances in the industry, manage their financial processes without error, categorize different products and stocks easily and execute their production and resource planning smoothly.

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Our solutions that enable our customers operating in the packaging industry to make a difference and stand out in the competition.

  • Login ERP Product Configurator that we developed based on our professional experience and is the prefect solution for the problem of creating product trees resulting from product diversity in the industry
  • Login Stock Management that enables us to categorize component stocks such as semi-finished, part, material and raw materials which comprise the product accurately and manage them efficiently and swiftly
  • Login Material Requirement Planning that promotes profitability by making sure that all resources are used efficiently
  • Login Quality Control that is effective in offering high quality products by facilitating approval, test and inspection phases after the production
  • Login Import and Export Management that tracks export processes over the system and saves time with automatically calculated costs
  • Login Cost Accounting that reveals actual product costs swiftly and accurately in consideration of all costs such as production, logistics and human resources
  • Login Finance Solutions that allow financial processes to be managed delicately by means of transactions that are automatically recognized from among all Login solutions


We understand you and offer the solution to you:

Login Corporate Business Solutions

Are approval, test and inspection phases for a wide range of products in your company important?

Do your financial and export processes vary by legislation?

Is healthy management of export and financial processes inevitable for your sustainability and profitability?

Do your stocks need to be categorized accurately for a healthy and efficient production process?



With our Login ERP system that is continuously updated according to all legislative amendments, you can manage your processes in a flawless and fast manner from a single system.

You can categorize all stocks that are vital for the packaging industry as much as material planning in the most optimum and efficient manner.

You can overcome problems in your industry with our solutions that will facilitate your operations from finance management and export-import management to quality control as you need and bring you competitive advantage and can stand out in the competition.


You win!

Compliance with legislation

Better material tracking

Productivity with the right stock control

Effective management of financial and export processes