ERP Software for Plastic Industry

Although Turkish plastic industry that has a strong position in European and global markets has shown a successful upward trend especially in the recent years, it is necessary to increase efficiency in areas such as the supply of raw materials, production of products with high added value and improvement of quantity and price equilibrium.  In addition to R&D and product development requirements in the plastic industry, it is becoming important to manage successfully processes such as production, delivery and service on time.

Plastic industry that has the market advantage with its features such as geography, geopolitics and logistics of Turkey should be capable of adapting to changing global standards, producing finished products at low quantities and being flexible in production and delivery. Problems arising from insufficient communication among companies such as the inability to establish cooperation in services that companies cannot carry out on their own, waste of resources and the failure to meet international standards prevent companies from getting ahead of the competition.

With our customized solution for our customers who make various plastic pipe and fitting elements in the plastic industry for industrial purposes, we enable our customers to keep stocks in an efficient and hassle-free manner, place orders in a fast and complete manner, make procurements and manage collection, goods acceptance and payment processes via a single system and on time. Login Corporate Solutions offer the capability to track status of goods that are shipped between the headquarters and regions step by step by tracking orders placed by our customers to suppliers, invoices issued and payments made from a single system and in a healthy, fast and easy manner and support them to increase their operational efficiencies and profitability.

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Our solutions that enable our customers operating in the plastic industry to make a difference and stand out in the competition.

  • Login Shipment Planning that enables the system to route automatically loading operations according to the specifications of products to be transported and order of priority of shipment locations during the shipment of pipe or bulky products in the plastic industry
  • Login Stock Management that enables products in stocks to be blocked upon orders, tracking stocks more clearly and avoiding to make extra investments in stocks
  • Login Material Requirement Planning that promotes profitability by making sure that limited raw material resources are used efficiently
  • Login Scheduling and Capacity Planning that enables automatic calculation and arrangement of product delivery times of production lines with different capacities and thus, meeting deadlines and making healthy productivity calculations
  • Login Cost Accounting for calculating actual costs fast and accurately in consideration of raw material, energy and logistics costs


We understand you and offer the solution to you:

Login Corporate Business Solutions

Can you track the status of your shipped goods step by step?

Can you deliver necessary reports to overseas in import and export processes?

Can you manage price control, capacity planning and financial processes via web?

Can you ensure that your suppliers work in integration?


With Login Corporate Business Solutions, you can manage your goods and services procurement processes, retail sales orders from dealers and other customers, your tender-based sales, shipment transactions, risks of your customers, guarantees received, bills that are issued, credit limits and collections through a single system. In addition to make-to-order production, you can make retroactive production, enter capacities of production units to the system and make healthy capacity planning.


You can manage your product recipes, production routes and product trees on semi-finished product and material level and while manufacturing a product in multiple business stations, you can keep machinery preparation periods within product routes.

With Login Corporate Business Solutions, you can plan and manage all your import processes fully and efficiently, calculate costs on loading and unloading basis of imports that are tracked on file basis and determine net price of every product in consideration of GTİP and country group in cost distribution.

You can carry out your operations depending on production processes that vary by various structures and volumes and changes in production methods according to different capacities and get competitive advantage by handling your financial processes in the best manner.


You win!

Production of reports that serve as a guide for expenditures and expenses

Stock costing created by the system automatically

Instant tracking of standard and actual costs and deviation analyses

Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly production reporting on the basis of product, product groups and production site

Complete tracking of financial processes

Construction and process design and tracking wastages that occur during production