ERP Software for Professional Services

Professional service organizations face complex and constantly changing challenges that are difficult to measure and arise from the sales of unphysical services. Achieving profitability in professional services requires estimating project budgets accurately, completing them on time, meeting customer needs or showing performance that goes beyond the expectations.

With our Login Corporate Business Solutions that enable strategic and extensive finance, project and resource management of our customers in professional services industry, we facilitate data sharing and cooperation and support effective decision-making.

We help professional service companies in managing every phase of their operations from customer relationships to projects, from process contracting to finance management and increasing the quality of their customer interactions.  In addition to our customized and extensive solutions that make a difference with their speed, we contribute to the success of our customers from professional service industry with our direct and instant support.

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Our solutions that enable our customers operating in the professional services industry to make a difference and stand out in the competition.

  • Login HR that helps getting the maximum productivity from available human resource with proper management of highly demanded qualified manpower  
  • Login Payroll Management that allows preparing payrolls in any period, in any number and structure and mass delivery of these payrolls via e-mail or viewing them via web portal
  • Login Accounting Management that allows companies to which outsourcing services are offered to manage their accounting transactions in an efficient manner that complies with legislation


We understand you and offer the solution to you:

Login Corporate Business Solutions

Can you allow your customers to manage all their processes via the host system?

Can you provide customized information and reports that are requested?

Can you access to sound data for project budget and timing estimates?


With Login Corporate Business Solutions, you can track your customer side activities in multiple communication channels. You can enhance communication with your customers through document sharing and secure web interactions, develop your business processes such as automatic direction, notifications, approvals and escalation and thus, increase customer response time and manage your projects without any problem.

You can reach all project information and basic performance indicators from a single system, achieve integrated project calculation and project management and take fast and accurate decisions. You can view your contract details and monitor their contributions to your cash flow. As your business processes become automatic, you can collect internal resources efficiently, invoice them on time and increase your productivity and profitability.

You can open as many corporate accounts as you like in a single system and enable your customers to manage all their processes such as accounting, finance, human resources and logistics from the host system without extra cost. With Login Corporate Business Solutions that offer you fast and efficient infrastructure that you are looking for in the most economical way compared to market conditions, you can take your company and customers to whom you offer your services one step forward.  


You win!

System infrastructure for any number of companies

Management of all processes from the host system without extra cost

Fast and economic integration of solutions that are customized for your company

Management in line with customer demands and expectations