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Service-Manufacturing companies benefit from Login Service Management (Login-SM) in order to make business processes easier. With Login SM system, service-manufacturing companies can see all service-related data easily. Thanks to this system, you can, for example, access easily to all notifications such as requests and complaints forwarded to your helpdesk or relevant department according to the organizational chart of your company.

Business data are opened on the web according to incoming customer request on Login SM system and these business data are distributed by the admin to people in charge. All transactions related to business data can be kept under record with Login SM. Furthermore, all transactions such as activities and entries/exits can be reported with this system. All of these fit to your company's structure and are defined, grouped and named as you want them to be and thus, all services can be managed on transaction basis. Along with reporting, measurements such as performance or customer satisfaction etc. can be made based on actual data and in a convenient manner.

Fast measurements and records will allow you to focus on real problems when making business plans and help you to get faster results and to increase your productivity substantially.

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