ERP Software for Textile Industry

Textile industry, one of Turkey’s most assertive areas, is expected to continue to grow in the upcoming period. However, resources should be managed in the optimum manner in order to achieve successful results in the textile industry where high amounts of data accumulate and traceability is vital.

It is important in textile industry where various weaving processes such as fabric, towel and carpet are carried out to manage diversified data in the optimum manner and to evaluate such data in a flexible and healthy manner without turning a blind eye to the requirements of company and ease of use.

With our Login Corporate Business Solutions that host the first ERP used in Turkish textile industry, we offer tools to our customers in the textile industry to manage their processes in the most efficient manner. With our solutions that we constantly updated according to the needs based on our profound experience and that rapidly adapt to legislative amendments, we contribute to the sustainable profitability of our customers in the textile industry by offering our customers an easy and fast operational management.

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Our solutions that enable our customers operating in the textile industry to make a difference and stand out in the competition.  

  • Login Production Management that enables production to be tracked and managed effectively
  • Login Stock Management that enables stock tracking and communication between stores and the headquarters
  • Login Toll Production Management that allows calculating and managing toll production costs and tracking products that will be delivered to toll production
  • Login Customer Relations Management that allows customer demands and expectations to be met fully
  • Login Stock Management that allows information to be accessed instantly in connection with classification and management of stocks and stock status of stores
  • Login Material Requirement Planning that promotes profitability by making sure that resources are used efficiently with stock and procurement integration


We understand you and offer the solution to you:

Login Corporate Business Solutions

Do you have difficulty in dealing with excessive goods inflow and outflow?

Do you need to relieve your production processes?

Do you have difficulties in effective stock management and encounter material piles in warehouse?

Can you ensure automatic integration with your retailers?  


With our Login Corporate Business Solutions that include the first ERP of Turkey used in the textile industry, you can decrease the work load in your business processes and achieve financial relief by preventing excessive stock accumulation.

With our solutions that offer process integration in intensive goods inflow-outflow processes, you can track your operations in an easy, hassle-free and fast way. You can make production planning by transferring incoming materials to production process and turn your products waiting in warehouse into profit by removing intermediate stocks. You can ensure automatic integration with your retailers, facilitate information exchange among headquarters and dealers and stores, improve your operations, make better decisions and achieve higher productivity and profitability.


You win!

Financial relief with effective stock management

Integration between retailers and headquarters

Toll production tracking