Accounting and Current Accounts Management

Accounting and Current Management Recording recognized transactions in companies and current account management, i.e. management of receivables and payables are complex processes. Preparing accounting and current management via Excel tables or poor programs will result in failure to provide an effective accounting and current management and may cause problems at the phase of detailed tracking, preparing proper reports and auditing retrospective accounting and current data when it becomes necessary and thus, prevent fulfillment of such requirements.

With Login ERP Accounting and Current Management that offers an infrastructure where you can follow up all of your accounting processes that you will need in detail, you can follow up transactions that are automatically recognized from other Login solutions by means of its user-friendly interface and report your currents easily. You can benefit from management with double-entry bookkeeping, create your foreign reports conveniently and make inflation accounting transactions without any trouble. In the scope of accounting, you can easily and promptly assign definition of expense center breakdowns, definition of types of account receipts based on expense center definitions and current category authorizations in current accounts and definitions of types of current receipts.

In addition to all of these, you will save time by integrating bank account activities in MT940 format to the system.