Dealer Management

It is vital that an effective communication is established between headquarters and dealers in enterprises working with dealer system. Failure to ensure simultaneous management and coordination such as informing dealers about changes in order, shipment, invoicing, decisions taken at the headquarters, products and inventories leads to versatile problems and creates barriers for enterprises to reach success. Slow and problematic information exchange between dealers and headquarters causes waste of time and loss of customers. You can establish a strong communication between headquarters and dealers by incorporating your dealers and branches into the web portal without any extra cost thanks to Login ERP Dealer and Franchise Portal and ensure that your dealers are managed and informed easily from the headquarters.

With Login ERP Dealer Management that enables the communication between supplier and dealers to be managed from a single point, you can have a comprehensive dealer management system where dealers can place orders and view details of incoming goods and that enables you to assemble your dealers. You can access to any information and report you need, at any time and without any extra cost with Login ERP Dealer Management solution that includes many critical processes such as inventory planning & tracking, order placement & tracking, payment options and checking retrospective information. With Login ERP Dealer Management that enables you to inform dealers directly about decisions taken by the headquarters, your dealers can place and create their orders and inventories via web. With Login ERP Dealer Management that enables you to dispatch goods from the headquarters to a store where inventories are decreasing, you can have an effective inventory management. Thus, you can attain productivity in all your processes from integration of your inventories to credit card infrastructure in sales, from campaigns to viewing inventories.