Franchise Management

Establishing communication between the headquarters and franchises is one of the most difficult issues for companies. In addition to the need for crowded teams for communicating new decisions to franchise channel such as material changes by the headquarters or addition of new variations, when headquarters and franchise that have to use different system infrastructures fail to establish a good communication, product prices and order processes and thus, brand reliability are directly affected. Allowing dealers and branches to access to up-to- date information and joining processes without extra investment loads via web, Login Dealer and Franchise Portal offers comprehensive solutions to franchise management.

With Login Dealer and Franchise Portal that allows you to manage all your franchises across the world from a centralized structure, you can ensure that your franchises can access to current information at the headquarters and they can take proper measures for ‘accurate and timely delivery’ that shapes consumer preferences. You become a company that works in integration with all its franchises since your franchises can acquire skills such as special accounting, sales and collection, customer relations management and complaint processing, online order placement and inquiries during the phase of production. You can decrease the work load on your franchise team by means of integration offered in every field from inventory integration to customer relations management. With Login ERP Franchise Management that can work in integration with local programs in other countries, you can carry out practices in other countries smoothly.