Login BI - Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence solutions that are used to meet expectations such as making fast and right decisions, defining new business opportunities and reducing costs are expected to offer an effective control over data flow. While information age brings along fast changes to business world, diversification in data resources in parallel with the speed and increase in data flow make it more difficult to perform the required tracking and control. However, enterprises that want to stand out in the business world where competition is high should track data instantly and make comprehensive data analyses to take the right step.

With Login X-tra BI (Business Intelligence) that enables enterprises to analyze their own data instead of complex IT reports, you can examine and manage a cluster of data on different sizes and with different parameters and analyze data with breakdowns. With Login X-tra BI (Business Intelligence) that offers easy usage, you can view clusters of data on all items such as budget, planning and management on infinite size without need for IT specialization; calculate different probabilities based on different scenarios and reach results that will move your enterprise forward.