Login Report Studio - Reporting Tool

It is an indispensable need for enterprises to ensure that data generated in all processes that may be implemented in an enterprise are reported and used in decision-making and mapping out strategies. Apart from the legal liability, reports required for the operation of enterprises should be drawn up on time, in full and according to the needs. User-friendly systems that are specific to reporting gain importance during different types of reporting.

With Login Pro Report Studio that allows users to create reports easily and according to their needs without need for know-how, specialization or external support, you can easily prepare all reports that you want after a short training and make fast changes in your existing reports. You can transform data into knowledge and accelerate your decision-making processes based on reports that you can create readily with Login Pro Report Studio thanks to its user-friendly and easy- to-use structure. You can enable reports that are prepared by each employee who is responsible for reporting with Login Pro Report Studio in a flexible and fast manner to be viewed practically by specialists and executives by means of Login Pro Report Viewer.