Payroll Management

It is important to manage payroll system accurately and without error in order to protect companies against risk in case of legal problems. It is one of the most important requirements of HR managements to prepare any number of payrolls in any period in a fast and reliable manner and to deliver them to employees swiftly.

With Login HR Payroll Management solution that is continuously and instantly updated and meets the requirements of daily life according to local legislative amendments in Turkey and with the guidance of consultancy firms, you can ensure legal compliance without any risk and save labour and time by means of effective payroll management. You can create different types of payrolls that you need simultaneously and take into account data such as leave, shift and performance along with rules concerning earnings and deductions while creating the payroll. With Login HR Payroll Management that saves you time with mass data transfers such as earnings, deductions and tally, you can send payrolls that you create in any period, in any number and in any structure as mass e-mailing to all of your employees with a single click or allow them to be viewed via web portal. You can enjoy the comfort and efficiency of managing all of your processes via a single system by means of Login HR Payroll Management that is integrated with Login ERP Accounting that enables you to minimize error risks in the payroll processes.