Production Tracking

Detailed tracking and analysis of all incidents and all resources during the production in every stage of production are prerequisites for enterprises to carry out their main operations in the optimum manner. A strong production tracking system is required to be able to define work orders on operation basis and in consideration of production resources and to analyze instantly and at the required time conditions such as machine-related failures that may be associated with machinery and operators, power failure, permits, accidents and sickness of operators.

With Login ERP Production Tracking that ensures that work orders, which are outputs of production planning, are completed on-site in the accurate and efficient manner based on information obtained from every stage of production, you can manage your production resources effectively, carry out your production operations efficiently and plan your actual operational costs healthily.  With Login ERP Production Tracking, you can keep your production that starts with work orders under control and perform productivity measurements based on reports to be retrieved and raise your production operations to the most efficient level.   Following the integration of Login ERP Production Tracking and Login ERP Quality Control integration that are effective in creating well-branded and certified products by increasing the quality of products, you can initiate quality controls and quality approval process on the line without time lag and before production is completed. You can both save time and increase efficiency and get ahead of the competition with high quality production.