Training and Performance Management

Handling efficiently training processes that involve multi- phase operations such as creating request for trainings by personnel or employers, processing such requests and giving training approvals is one of the critical factors for successful company management. With Login HR Training and Performance Management that enables to evaluate training processes and performances of employees accurately and contributing to HR departments to playing a significant role in the success of their company, you can track in detail training costs, class management, training process and attendees. You can manage recording, control and exam phases and enable training results to be measured; make performance measurements of your personnel on competency and target basis in the scope of performance management and make planning for eliminating deficiencies based on such evaluations.

With Login HR Training and Performance Management that allows you to carry out a strong and central training and performance management via web portal, you can get the highest productivity from your personnel who are your most valuable resources, eliminate complexities in processes that are carried out with different systems and spend more time on strategic applications aiming at business development.