ERP Software for Tourism Sector

Turkish tourism industry is an industry where various fluctuations occur and potential and expectations are high. Tourism agencies, one of the locomotives of Turkish tourism industry, also assume a big responsibility in the development of this industry. Effective management of HR department is particularly important in tourism agencies that are spread across Turkey and where multiple operations are carried out.

With Login Corporate Business Solutions that help our customers in tourism industry to manage their human resources in the most effective manner, we support them in developing the right strategies and achieving legal compliance and thus, attaining their corporate goals.  Besides our Login Human Resources (HR) Management solutions that meet fully the requirements of human resources management of our customers, with our Login Finance solutions, we allow them to manage their financial information in services provided in an accurate and healthy manner.

With Login solutions that are in harmony with working dynamics of tourism industry, employee information is regularly classified and kept and all information on status of headquarters employees can be viewed easily and necessary action can be taken. Login Human Resources solutions allow a complicated area like personnel management to be regulated in an easy and fast manner and also provide a great support for the completion of financial processes with zero error and time saving.

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Our solutions that enable our customers operating in the tourism industry to make a difference and stand out in the competition.

  • Login HR Management that helps getting the highest productivity from existing human resources with accurate labor management
  • Login Education and Performance Management that offers effective solutions to HR management as well as accurate evaluation of employee education and performance processes
  • Login Information Access Portal that enables to determine personnel shifts and get the highest efficiency from manpower
  • Login Budget Management that allows instant tracking of financial management phases


We understand you and offer the solution to you:

Login Corporate Business Solutions

Can you get the highest efficiency from human resources that comprises of many personnel?

Can you enable a fast and easy communication between the headquarters and dealers?

Can you ensure multi currency and language integration in multi-branch structures?  


With Login Corporate Business Solutions that feature advanced authorization, security, data integrity and LOG structure and are customizable according to customized requirements, you can easily configure even the most complex human resources management models and manage all of your human resources in the most efficient manner in your HR department.  You can help your HR managers to decrease their routine work load and make time for developing strategies and policies. You can easily make personnel, staff, status, title and position definitions, define user authorizations on branch, department, form and function basis or use multi languages and currencies in your multi-branch structures.

You can create any type and number of payroll accounts in any period and define monthly, daily, hourly, net and gross wages in any currency. With Login Corporate Business Solutions that achieve a smooth integration with other tourism industry systems, you can establish an efficient connection between your headquarters and agencies.


You win!

Easy management of multi-branch structures

Capability to make automatic price increases on quantity and rate basis

Inflation-based statistical reports

An unlimited number of types of special earning and deductions