ERP Software for Wood Industry

In order to achieve success through obtaining competitiveness, sustainable profitability and growth in wood products industry, which produces the basic input for many sectors, in Turkey and across the world, assessing the limited raw material resources in the best manner, efficient management of qualified human resources, improvement of production systems and accurate planning of logistics and energy costs are very important.

With Login Corporate Business Solutions which have developed technological infrastructure and industrial expertise in wood products industry, we enable the conditions that lead to success in terms of raw material and human resources, improvement of production quality of a wide range of products and reduction in costs of production, energy, raw materials and shipping, for our customers.

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Our solutions which enable our customers in the wood industry to make a difference and to stand out in the competition.

  • Login ERP Product Configurator that we have developed based on our experience in the industry and which provides solutions to the problem of creating products tree caused by a wide range of products in the industry.
  • Login Shipment Planning that allows reducing high transport costs with the help of optimum planning with intelligent code logic.
  • Login Material Requirements Planning which helps increasing profitability by ensuring the efficient use of limited raw material resources.
  • Login Production Monitoring and Login Quality Control which are effective in creating branded and certified products by increasing the quality of products.
  • Login Cost Accounting which enables calculating the actual costs in a fast and accurate way by taking into account the costs of the raw materials, energy and logistics.
  • Login HR which helps getting the maximum efficiency from the current human resources by proper management of the skilled labour needed
  • We understand you and offer you the solution:

Login Corporate Business Solutions

Do you make tailor-made production or assembly in your company?

Do your products constantly change according to needs, tastes or fashion?

Are the products you offer comprised of many different components?




Within the ERP system, with the help of our solution which runs with the logic of a drawing program without monitor, you can quickly and easily create the product tree specific to each product automatically by making selection among many variables and components that form a product.

You can import this product tree into the production planning, make material requirements planning for production and plan the capacity of the machines for the operation. After production, you can ship the products in the best conditions, complete invoice and dispatch processes and offer after-sales service. You can predict problems by keeping a record of all products and services and develop proper solutions.

You would win!

Execution of all processes from a single system rather than the integration of two different programs

Less labour to create the product tree

Better material follow-up

Rapid transfer of all changes in product components to the reseller channel