Boreas Group Also Preferred Login ERP

Boreas Group, which was established in 2013 to carry out R&D and Engineering applications in plastic materials by a 4-person engineering team, who has been a manager in the R&D process of a leading automotive industry company for many years, has been providing solutions and services to manage the business processes of businesses since 1989. offering Login Software agreement.

In 2019, Boreas Group changed the type and type of the company in order to produce the products developed as a result of its own design and R&D processes and became a manufacturer A.Ş. has gained the status and has moved to the factory located in Dilovası İmes OIZ, where it is currently operating, with a closed area of 3000 m2, exports its production to European countries, mainly Volkswagen, Audı, Porsche companies, and manages its business processes with Login ERP. it will be.