BulutTahsilat Bank Integration

Bulut Tahsilat the product of Kayaport Teknoloji combines the internet branches of all banks on a single screen, where all the transactions coming / going to your accounts in all banks can be seen and tracked on one screen, the incoming / outgoing transactions automatically trigger another transaction and again automatically It is a cloud-based application, where the balance in all banks is tracked online, the futures - demand, check, POS, credit and promissory notes are displayed in real time, and foreign currency and commodity accounts can be tracked online.

It allows to automatically process all incoming / outgoing transactions to your bank account. It can be integrated into an unlimited number of bank accounts and view different accounts at the same bank. It converts account transactions and balance information of all banks into a common pattern and produces a single output. It determines for which customer, current or dealer the incoming / outgoing transactions. Thus, it ensures that whatever is desired to be done about incoming / outgoing movements. This place is shaped according to your wishes.

It provides automatic integration of POS transactions of all collection transactions that pass through Physical and Virtual POS into accounting and ERP systems, and allows you to view and manage transaction amount, commission amount, commission rate, value date, and amounts to be taken into account.

All these processes work with Login ERP integration and you add speed and efficiency to your processes.

You can find detailed information on this subject here.