Create Your Product Trees from Drawing Programs

Customized integration projects that will be carried out in cooperation of Login Yazılım that has been offering flexible business solutions since 1989 and Desita Software, established in 2008, will have a huge impact and promise higher productivity and more time with solutions offered.

Aspiring to increase efficiency of knowledge and skills of today's industrialists with CADCAMCAE programs and technological methods, Desita Software sells industrial CADCAMCAE products in line with this target. Giving hands-on trainings of these programs to younger generations so that they can keep pace with technology in the work field, Desita Software continues to serve to its country in engineering solutions as well and operates in industrial product design, plastic and metal injection moulding and reverse engineering.

End-to-end solution from design to SHH with cooperation between Login Software and Desita Software  

Integration systems that are specific to Machinery Production, Aviation and Defence Industry, Electrical-Electronic Equipment, Automotive, Casting, Moulding and Medicine industry that will be prepared with the cooperation between Login Software that has been developing solutions allowing resources to be managed in an integrated structure and convert all operations into reportable data in an enterprise and thus, helping companies to make the right decisions at the right time since 1989 and Desita Software aim at saving time and increasing productivity.


One of the best examples of integration systems where we can witness the targeted success is Woodwork For Inventor that is offered as a industry-specific solution to furniture industry, emerged from this cooperation.

Integration of different drawing programs used on the basis of industry with ERP system has become a reality with the cooperation between Desita and Login. Transferring product tree of a product that is designed and drawn in the drawing program to Login ERP with a single click is now possible thanks to this project.​masa-urun-gorseli-600desita-urun-agaci-768x220​Woodwork For Inventor that is introduced within the wide range of products of Autodesk is a solution partner for furniture designers-manufacturers, internal architects and kitchen manufacturers and offers services as an integrated product that comes in a suite and includes outstanding technical drawing strength of AutoCAD, design excellence of inventor and visualization of 3ds Max®.

Woodwork for inventor is an unlimited modular manufacturing solution with its unique surface modelling solutions where you can use library data of furniture industry that entirely run on inventor interface and manufacturing drawings can be automatically obtained. Now it is offered to users with Login ERP integration option.