Data Gathering and ERP Integrations with Login

ACD, an Eskişehir-based R&D company with its data processing infrastructure for 15 years, and Login Software, one of the innovative and leading companies on software since 1989, got into a partnership about data gathering.

xThe partnership of ACD, offering services on software, electronics, project development, data processing support services, and project consulting for many years, and Login Software, similarly turning its experience into success with its continually renewing and developing R&D infrastructure activities and solutions offered without discriminating sectors will unite the success of the two strong companies in data gathering field. 

As the increasing competition conditions require careful planning and effective use of available resources, the investments made that remain idle due to unplanned actions pose great danger for the firms. Against this risk, ACD offers a structure solving every problem about data in relation to the products such as KIOSK integrated with patient admission system family medicine AHBYS software, as well as URT-V2, able to track the in-factory bench, operator and performance, URT-V3, able to carry out factory measurements, and URT-GPRS terminals, designed for outdoor data gathering, which are compatible with all production systems. 

d​Login Software, adopting to help its customers to take correct decisions at right times as principle with comprehensive services and solutions offered, and ACD, maintaining its success innovatively and in a customer satisfaction oriented way, unite their forces for Industry 4.0 and keep their success on software in Turkey.