Digital Planet e-Integration

E-Transformation, which is applied in many fields such as invoice, credit card statement, policy, customer letter, is defined as the digital execution of all activities in these fields. With the transformation of speed and savings into the basic need for both private and public institutions, e-Transformation has entered our lives. Applications such as e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Delivery Note, e-Ledger, e-Ticket are just a few examples of e-Transformation that make our lives easier.

Login ERP full integration with Digital Planet gives you a great advantage in your e-Transformation processes.

By increasing operational costs, you also increase your productivity. By moving to digital environment; you eliminate paper, printing, mail and archiving costs. You can prevent losses and illegal activities and access e-Transformation systems from anywhere. With this environmentally friendly system, you support preventing the cutting of hundreds of thousands of trees every year.