Eurodecor Manages Business Processes by Login ERP

Choosing the ERP is one of the crucial decisions for a company. You chose Login ERP a long time ago. Could you tell us of the reasons for this choice?

Mehmet Bayrakdar: We have been using Login since 2011 and the most important reason of choosing Login ERP is the configuration structure for us. Thanks to the flexible structure of Login, the necessity to prepare product tree continuously disappears, and continuous and efficient manufacturing is enabled through the product tree structure designed so as to work always correctly, whatever the product chosen for the order is. In 2012 we integrated our door lines into Login system as well, used reporting system effectively, and thus managed to make correct productions every time. Another reason for preferring Login is definitely the packet system. By means of this system, the cloakrooms and doors for which orders are opened as products can be sent faultlessly and we can track the status of the product with the packet information over the system.

Do you keep stock within the factory? Could you briefly tell us of the effects of Login on stock tracking?

Fatih Bayrakdar: We do not keep stock within our factory, but thanks to the stock card structure of Login, defining stocks with appropriate criteria for every material is provided. Moreover, by entering the material orders correctly and clearly to the system with the conversion factors, we can completely track the whole process from the time when the material is added to the stock of the factory to the time it is sent. Another advantage Login provides us about stock tracking is that each material can be monitored at its own storage and shelf thanks to the storehouse transfers.


How are the product and semi-product transfers conducted in the company and how do you benefit from Login for this?

Mehmet Bayrakdar: All production lines in Eurodecor are performed as semi-product over Login system, connections are established between operations by work orders, and through this, and each part can be tracked in its station. Reporting system that is prepared for each operation with Login ERP station tracking definitely helps us a lot and enables us to make effective production. Furthermore, semi-products are carried inside the factory with the help of conveyors.

Could you tell us about the Eurodecor and Login relation from Login’s perspective?

Ahmet Savaş Göktürk: The importance of after sales support in ERP systems and the speed of fulfilling customer demands are getting more valuable nowadays. We regard ERP as a living structure and we have always worked and continue to work with Eurodecor with this vision.

With the system working in an integrated end – to – end manner, the order confirmed by the costumer enters into the factory flow over Login ERP. With the order on Login ERP, a product tree unique for this order is created. Thanks to this solution, there is no need to open millions of stock codes for each repetitive feature (model, color, width, length, depth, etc.) of modules forming the kitchen. All features of the product can be tracked within the system with few stock codes. Fast entry is enabled on the input screen by defining possible product configurations. Real product costs can be created by automatically adding modifiable features of products as well. Entering incorrect inputs other than the configurations defined in the system by sales representative or project officers is prevented by configuration constraints. Another important issue that Industry 4.0 expects profoundly is bar-coding each part during manufacturing process. By enabling the operation of barcoding system at all levels (Product, Semi-product, Material), incorrect operations and time losses are prevented with barcode and mobile handheld terminals and employee productivity is maximized. At the final phase, products with special barcode labels prepared in regard to the configuration features get ready for sending.

h​All flow of the door line included in the system in 2012 is conducted over Login ERP system as well. Managing all the variables about the door at the order phase, the root of the process enables the data feeding the system to proceed healthily.

Variables such as the following are asked on the input screen at the order phase, and automatic product trees are created for the door processes as they are for kitchen processes by Login ERP Formulatable Dynamic Product Trees managed by available formulas in the background;

  • Door Direction,
  • Door Place,
  • Door Leaf Color,
  • Number of Door Hinge,
  • Glass Type,
  • Direction of the Coating,
  • Door Lock,
  • Door Hinge,
  • Type of Door Handle,
  • Width,
  • Length,
  • Model of Stopper,
  • Way of Packaging,
  • Color of Door Handle,
  • Location of Door Handle,
  • Type of Door Frame.

All of the above-mentioned variables can be customized based on the firm and can be revised in accordance with the firm’s own way of doing things, as the phrase goes.

I particularly would like to tell that we are discussing new projects to be conducted together with Eurodecor as well as all our customers especially after Industry 4.0 has come into our lives. Login Software stands by its customers in order them to adapt the change after sale and continues to provide the services they demand at a speed required by our age.