Eurodecor Manages its Business Processes with Login ERP

Fatih Bayrakdar, Production Planning Chief of Eurodecor, which was established as a small-scale wooden workshop in 1985 and now produces more than 1000 kitchens in average, and Mehmet Bayrakdar, ERP Expert, and Ahmet Savaş Göktürk, ERP Solutions Consultant of Login Software, talked about the developments in Eurodecor business processes after Login ERP.
Mehmet Eric, Production Planning Officer, Fatih Bayrakdar, Head of Planning, Ahmet Savaş Göktürk, ERP Solutions Consultant of Login Software and Mehmet Bayrakdar, ERP Specialist
The choice of ERP is one of the vital decisions to be made by a company. You selected Login ERP a long time ago. Could you tell us about the reasons of this choice?

Mehmet Bayrakdar: We have been using Login since 2011 and the most important reason why we chose Login ERP is its configuration structure. Thanks to the flexible structure of Login, the constant obligation to create a product tree is eliminated and it allows constant and effective production with the product tree structure designed to work properly every time regardless of the product selected for order. In 2012, we integrated our door systems into the Login system, and by using an effective reporting system, we ensured the right production every time. Another reason why we preferred Login is definitely the package system. Thanks to this system, we can deliver cloak rooms and doors that are ordered as finished products without deficiency and track the product condition through package information over the system. Do you keep stocks in your factory? Could you briefly describe the effects of Login on the stock follow-up?

Fatih Bayrakdar: We do not keep stocks in our factory but thanks to Login's stock card structure, it is possible to define the stock in proper criteria for each material. In addition, thanks to the conversion factors, material orders can be entered into the system accurately and comprehensibly, allowing us to track the entire process from the moment materials enter the factory stocks until the time it is dispatched. Another advantage that Login offers to us in stock tracking is that every material can be tracked in its own storage and shelf thanks to warehouse transfers.

How finished and semi-finished products are transferred in your company and how do you benefit from Login in this regard?

Mehmet Bayrakdar: In Eurodecor, the entire production line is realized as a semi-finished product through the Login system, and work orders are used to link the operations and thus, each component can be tracked in its stations. The reporting system prepared via the Login ERP station tracking for each operation undoubtedly offers us a lot of benefits and enables us to make effective production. In addition, semi-finished products are transported within the factory thanks to conveyors.

Could you tell us about the collaboration between Eurodecor and Login, from the perspective of Login?

Ahmet Savaş Göktürk: The importance of post-sales support in ERP systems and the speed of meeting customer demands today are getting more and more valuable. We regard ERP as a living structure and we have always worked with Eurodecor with this vision.

As an end-to-end integrated system, the order approved by the customer enters the factory flow through Login ERP. With the order on Login ERP, a product tree is exclusively created for that order. With this solution, it is not necessary to open millions of stock codes for every repetitive feature (model, color, width, height, depth, etc.) of the modules that, for example, form the kitchen. With a few inventory codes, all properties of the product can be tracked within the system. Potential configurations of the products are defined and fast access to input screens is possible. In addition, variable properties of products can be added automatically to create actual product prices. Apart from the configurations defined in the system with configuration limits, erroneous entries by the sales representative or project manager are also prevented.

Another important issue that Industry 4.0 is also currently and profoundly expecting is the bar coding of all parts in the production stage. When the barcode system is applied at all levels (Finished, Semi-Finished Products and Materials), erroneous operations and waste of time are prevented through the barcode and hand-held terminals and the productivity of employees is maximized. In the final stage, products for which special barcode labels are prepared based on configuration features become ready for shipment.

Similarly, the entire flow of the door line incorporated into the system in 2012 is realized via Login ERP. In the ordering phase, which is the root of the process, the management of all variables of the door allows data that feed the system to proceed in a healthy manner.

In the ordering phase:

• Door Direction,

• Door Location,

• Color of Wing,

• The number of hinges,

• Type of Glass,

• Coating Direction,

• Door Lock,

• Door Hinge,

• Type of Handle,

• Width,

• Height,

• Stopper Model,

• Form of Packaging,

• Door Handle Color,

• Handle Location,

• Case Type

When the above-listed variables are asked at the order placement, automatic product trees are created in kitchen process, just like door processes, with Login ERP Formulatable Dynamic Product Trees that are managed by existing formulae at the background based on the answers. All variables that I have mentioned above are customizable on company basis, i.e. they can be revised according to modus operandi of such company.

Especially after Industry 4.0 is introduced into our business life, I would like to stress that new projects that can be implemented with Eurodecor are on the table, just like all other projects with all our customers.

Login Software continues to support its customers, even after-sales to ensure their adaptability to changes and offer them the services they demand at a fast pace, as required by current times.