First Fruit of Login / Simkan Business Partnership / Simkan Express

1474452970_simkan-2-600Following the announcement of business partnership between Login Software and Simkan a while ago, the first fruit of this successful partnership was revealed. A breakthrough in Automotive Spare Part Industry comes from Simkan Otomotiv A.Ş: Simkan Express Franchises!

Automotive industry that ranks second following oil brands in the world’s top 20 company list by revenue is glamorous with its yearly increasing growth performance. According to data from Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), the daily number of new vehicles in traffic is around 3,000 and accordingly, two-digit growth in spare part industry continues every year. Automobiles, which are no longer a luxury and have become essential means for daily life, explain the reason of this growth. Car maintenance and spare part needs that are among the non-deferrable cost items after accommodation, food and clothing can explain why the market is in such a dynamic and sustainable growth process and why it is not affected by crises.

Offering services especially in Germany automotive group for 12 years in automotive spare parts industry, Simkan Otomotiv A.Ş. has gained a unique and highly effective operational force in the industry in logistics and technology issues with its recent investments. Carrying out distributorship and dealership in Turkey of approx. 40 international brands, the company is the automotive group spare parts market leader in Germany with its B2B system that is strengthened with ERP infrastructure integration developed with business partnership of Simkan Teknoloji/Login Software of Tecdoc and Original Equipment catalogue system, fast logistics structure and wide and active network of customers.

Simkan group of companies that has become more effective in Europe with its operations across Turkey, Germany, Greece and Italy established Simkan Teknoloji A.Ş. and accelerated ERP and B2B licensing process.

The company has announced today that it will launch Simkan Express Franchise model in the near future in order to increase its strength and effectiveness in Turkish market, contribute to the growth of spare parts industry and to take its service quality to the next level. Alpaslan Topçu, Sales and Marketing Director of Simkan Otomotiv A.Ş. from whom we got information says:

"We have a very strong customer and distribution network in the industry and we want to crown this with our Simkan Express brand and offer new business development opportunities to our customers. Companies in Europe can now increase their service and availability capacities with such types of business partnerships and meet market requirements faster.​

We think that we can make more effective storage and logistics integrations with the franchise business model in our feasibility and market surveys and thus, create new economic opportunities. Today, the size of industry is approx. $2 billion and this figure is escalating. We want to share our infrastructure and all competitive advantages that we gained through this system first with our customers and then with new investors. Thus, our goal is to contribute to creating high standard retail points that can offer superior services in the market. We have an advanced technological infrastructure with expert staff that can support our customers and business partners in all processes and apply this new business model from A to Z. We belive in sharing and growing together.

I hope that we will be sharing new business partnerships and developments about our Simkan Express brand in the coming days."